FAQ – 2021

Q: How do I sign-up for the ride? 

A: Simply fill in the online application form from our website, or download it and send it to us along with your selected / preferred registration choice. Upon completion we will send you a sponsorship pack and associated ride entry procedures, for example for storing your baggage and unique markings for you and your bike. You can also request a application form to be sent to you via post – email us on info@charitybikeride.com or call us on 020 8867 9111.

Q: How and when do I get a sponsorship form?

A: Once your registration has been validated, we will post you a joining pack that contains the sponsorship form.

You can also collect sponsorship online by creating your own fundraising page on our just giving page. The link can be found on www.charitybikeride.com .

Q: I own a company and would like to become a ride sponsor. Who do I contact and what does it cost me?

A: Please contact our hotline on 020 8867 9111 and speak to someone regarding sponsorship packages. They will be able to go through different sponsorship packages with you. You can also email your interest on info@charitybikeride.com .

There are various different marketing opportunities available for company sponsors to reach out to their customers and for brand awareness.

Q: How much raised in sponsorship will go the selected charity I’m riding for?

A: SACA’s mission statement states that it aims for 100%. This is because many of the ride logistics’ and all of the committee organisers give the time and dedication over the year proceeding the ride for free.

Q: Do I need any special preparation, for example, diet or exercise?

A: Information is available regarding training; nutrition and safe cycling are available on our website.

Q: How safe is the ride?

A: We have a fully trained paramedics team accompany us during the ride who specialised in dealing with medical situations on our event. The ride has marshals spread out across the ride to look after and help the riders through their journey. We ensure that there are breaks atleast every 15 miles for riders to take a rest, and the ride also has support vehicles (minibuses) for riders that are feeling tired.

Q: How is the ride supported, for example: Food, drink stations?

A: On the first day, 90 miles is completed and on the second day the remaining 36 miles
NB Formal breaks for food and drinks stops are available throughout the ride (all free, including lunch and dinner on the evening of the Saturday). You can find a pit stop within every 15 miles.

Q: What if I get tired on route? Are there facilities for a break on route?

A: Yes, adequate mini-buses and bike carrier trucks follow the riders all the way if you wish to take a break.

Q: What happens with my luggage? Do I need to carry it with me?

A: There are special allocated luggage vans that transport your bags / sleeping bags etc during the ride. You will not have access to your bags on the 1st day after disembarking until you reach Luton and on the 2nd day your bags will be loaded on luggage vehicle which will only be accessible at the ride finish

Q: Will there be someone to look at my bike in case of mechanical failure on route?

A: Yes, bike mechanics are available on route but as a rider it is your responsibility to ensure that your bike is road worthy. Repairs will be basic, for example: Air, brakes and gear checks which will be carried out during pit stops

Q: Can we rent a bike / Do you rent bikes for the ride?

A: We suggest that you do get your own bike and if you do rent a bike the rental contract will be binding between yourself and the rental organisation. We do not make any bikes available or let people randomly pick from ones owned by riders who maybe resting!

Q: How do I travel up to Birmingham with my bike?

A: We arrange transport (coaches) for London riders and transportation for their bikes (trucks). There will be 2 pickup points – 1 in West London and the other from East London a day before the ride. You will need to be at the pickup point at the specified time to take advantage of this facility (details will be provided in your rider pack once you apply). There is no other pickup points other than the one mentioned above

Q: Is there any accommodation provided and how much does it cost me?

A: Free accommodation and breakfast on the day of the ride is provided by the organisers (at Birmingham for London Riders) and the (at Luton for all riders). The accommodation is provided courtesy of Smethwick and Luton Sikh Temples. The facilities offer a well carpeted hall where you sleep (please bring a sleeping bag / blanket for your own comfort) and shower facilities. There are separate accommodation halls for men and women.

If this accommodation is not suitable for you then we have special rates agreed with local hotels prior to the ride which you may want to take advantage of. Details are on the website. Breakfast will still be available at the start of the ride for these riders. If you are planning to arrange your own accommodation then you must ensure that you reach the start point of the ride well in advance as mentioned in your rider pack or you will get left behind!

Q: What is the last application date?

A: The last date of application is the 16th July 2020. Register early to receive the discounted early bird offers.

Q: Is there any special clothing I need to wear during the bike ride?

A: As with most sports you will have to be dressed appropriately. If you are not wearing cycling clothing then we recommend track suits, shorts, jogging bottoms and trainers – no jeans, or trousers. We also strongly recommend high visibility clothing to be worn throughout the ride for your own safety. High visibilty vests will be provided by the organisers and must be returned at the end of the ride.

Q: Do I need to bring a helmet during the ride?

A: For you safety, helmets are highly recommended on all road cycling activities and must be worn at all times during the time you are cycling. We recommend that you visit your local cycling shop as they will be able to advise you on the correct sized helmet to fit your head comfortably.

If a rider refuses to wear a helmet (unless you are wearing a turban) you will be putting your own personal safety at risk and the other users of the highway.

Q: What is the minimum age for entry?

A: The minimum age for entry is 18.

Q:: Are there any prizes?

A: We award prizes to top fund raisers who participate in the ride, these may be flights to an international destination, Sports club membership, Bikes and electronics. Please remember that this is a ride not a race and we hope people will enjoy themselves doing something positive for charity.

Q: Is there a minimum sponsorship amount that I need to raise?

A: The minimum each rider needs to raise is £200. This amount must be paid before the 25th July 2020. If the minimum sponsorship is not received, you will be refused entry and your entry fee will be fortified.

Q: Is there any particular type of bike that you would recommend to ride on if I was to enter?

A: Your bike should be road worthy (checked by a specialist prior to the ride – i.e. a mechanic at a cyclists shop). It is essential that your brakes, gears are in good working order and you know when and how to use them. We recommend that you have a bike that has gears as they help when you are travelling uphill. Most riders these days prefer bikes that have light frames and a good selection of gears to help them on different terrains – speak to a specialist at your local bike shop who will advise you.

We do not recommend purchasing a bike just before the ride as most bikes are assembled the day you purchase it and you may not get enough practice on riding it. Sometimes bikes are not assembled correctly (brakes, gears etc..) and you may need to visit your bike shop again after purchasing it to get it adjusted.

Nb: If your bike is not road worthy (bikes are checked when you register) then you will not be able to enter and no refunds will be given. It is your own responsibility to get your bike checked!

Q: How long does the first day of reaching the centennial mile take?

A: The first day involves approximately 10 hours of cycling which includes breaks for FREE refreshments, osteopathy sessions (by qualified consultants) and lunch.

Q: Do you offer any bike maintenance & bike health check prior to the ride ?

A: SACA offers free Dr.Bike sessions, which is available to all our ride participants.Details of which will be in the information pack which you will be receiving once you register.

Q: Do the organisers get free accommodation provided?

A: There is free accommodation provided at the gurdwaras for SACA organisers and all riders. If they wish to stay at a hotel then each person does this at their own expense.

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