Safety Guide

Rules for cyclists (59-82) These rules are in addition to those in the following sections, which apply to all vehicles (except the motorway section). See also ‘You and your bicycle’. You and your bicycle 59 Clothing. You should wear a cycle helmet which conforms to current regulations, is the correct size and securely fastened appropriate

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Nutrition Guide

SACA Birmingham to London Charity Bike Ride Nutritional Guide. Introduction: The following notes were especially commissioned by SACA at the request of Dr Rajdeep Khatter – for the bike ride. The notes provided below were put together by Mayda Butt, a Nutritionalist at Ealing Hospital, West London. Each section describes and recommends nutritional information, i.e.:

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Training Guide

THE THREE LEGS OF YOUR “TRAINING STOOL” By mastering these three areas, this allows riders to see the opportunities forachieving success. These three areas are just like legs on a stool at your kitchenbar: they have 3 legs and are stable only because all the legs of the stool are ofequal length and angle. The

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